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Tegucigalpa, May 18, 2019. Both Zambos and the National Autonomous Soccer Federation of Honduras created the Zambos Kids Cup together for the Sub 13 division. More than 478 Sub-13 teams joined the competition, with over 15,000 children soccer-players from all over the country.

The teams Luz y Vida and Biciclos Laureles marched all the way to the final in an exciting match where they fought to conquer the championship and win the Zambos Kids Cup.

Zambos, official sponsor of the National Honduras Soccer Team, is once again backing the sport by purchasing the rights to the Sub–13 Cup. This time around, Zambos is sponsoring transportation, lodging, referees, field rental, trophies and medals.

Luis Weddle, brand manager for Yummies, mentioned that “it’s been a thrilling tournament from start to end; more than 15,000 children had lots of fun in a healthy way. That’s exactly one of Zambos’ purposes, fostering healthy entertainment by supporting the national sport. Plus, we are also in it to encourage family union. We are very proud to sponsor this Cup again, congratulations to the winners!”

The 16 participant clubs from the 10 member-countries of CONCACAF were allocated to four groups of four. The winning team competed representing Honduras at the CONCACAF Scotiabank U-13 Champions League in San Jose, Costa Rica in August 2019.

The exciting final game took place at El Birichiche stadium, with the attendance of both Fenafuth authorities and Yummies executives. The audience enjoyed different activations carried out by Zambos as well as snack tastings.

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