Positioned as a product line with the highest quality, our brand has been in the market for over 40 years. Generations of consumers grew up with Zambos and turned them into Honduras and Central America’s most iconic and nostalgic brand all over the world.

Where and when
were Zambos created?

“Alimentos Astro S.A. de C.V” Salty Snacks division, part of the “Galaxia” Investment Group bought a Batch “CHIP COOKER“ in 1973 with 175 pound / hour capacity, as well as a banana cutter to run a low-cost operation.

Why did Dinant decide to expand towards Zambos?

Dinant started manufacturing their first banana chips using local raw materials. The bananas were pealed at the production plant and sliced in long and rectangular pieces. They subsequently created the brand “Sambos“ with an “S”: round banana chips to differentiate themselves from the Yummies family. After that, the brand name was changed to Zambos with a “Z“ This is when only the most resistant and best-performing banana varieties were selected.

Where does the name Zambos come from?

Zambos are an ethnical group who appeared under the Spanish Conquest system in the Americas. The term was originally applied to the children of an African parent and an Amerindian, or the children of two Zambo parents. Zambos lived in the North-Caribbean area of Honduras, a region with plenty of banana and yucca plantations. The meals cooked by the families were mainly banana-based; this is where our snack’s name comes from.

Raw material

The bananas used to make Zambos are created from a graft of two plants.

Adapted and developed for over 30 years to be planted and grown in the microclimates of Dinant’s plantations located in Nicaragua (Nandaime) and the North of Honduras.
*This variety of banana or guineo is the only variety used to make Zambos.